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Refreshing team trainings that bond your employees and arm them with the power of comedy!


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“The impact of Gerry and Heather's session at our offsite meeting lasted long after they had left. This group has never opened up to each like that before. You touched everybody in the room. A truly remarkable and authentic experience."

Rog Sherwood

Global Strategy Media & Entertainment, Amazon

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Gerry Katzman and Heather Pasternak (who you’ve seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Netflix and Comedy Central) are award-winning performers and trainers who have unlocked the professional performer’s tool-kit for the corporate world. Imagine every member of your team with the ability to make presentations with the poise and grace of a seasoned entertainer. Join the ranks of delighted clients like Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon and Cisco who have all used The Comedy Partners to train and entertain their executives toward more persuasive and captivating presentations, ideation sessions, sales meetings and pitches.

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Whether leading workshops, hosting or booking talent for your company's event, The Comedy Partners will deliver programming that adds substance and comic relief to any corporate gathering.


We offer innovative team building workshops, performance based sales trainings and clean comedy tailored to specific topics and/or beloved staff members.


Prices vary depending on the length and size of your event, number of desired workshops/performances and location. We look forward to customizing a program that will meet your company's needs.

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